Disc Club

Make Starting a New Hobby Easy

Helix Disc Golf & Coachella Valley Discers
This group strives to grow the game of disc golf
By putting on weekly and monthly events
That allows new disc golfers to access the game in a more social way

One of the biggest struggles when starting a new hobby is finding people to enjoy it with
Helix Disc Golf & Coachella Valley Discers are that group
And they take the stress out of their weekly events
By making sure every player has a chance to win…
If they play well

What that means is whether you are just picking up a disc for the first time
Or a professional disc golfer
Everyone is playing on an even playing field…
You could beat a PRO as a BEGINNER with their handicap format

The weekly events take place 8am on Sunday at Hovley Soccer Park
Which has 9 holes of disc golf setup for the public…
That you can play anytime you want!

So if you have a disc, or you were waiting to find friends to play
Connect with the discers on Facebook:

Helix Disc Golf

Or Coachella Valley Discers

Start enjoying disc golf with new friends today

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Disc Club

Make Starting a New Hobby Easy

Looking for a new hobby & a great club to have fun with? Helix Disc Golf & Coachella Valley Discers have organized disc golf events for all skill levels.


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