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Beat the Desert Heat at a Must See Mountain Getaway

Coachella Valley has an abundance of stunning vistas & outdoor recreation.
We are fortunate to have endless sunshine & diverse natural landscapes.
However the Summer months reaching close to 120 degrees
Really limits the time to safely enjoy Coachella’s trails.
You are in luck though!

The towering mountains that surround our Coachella Valley are rich with activities.
Less than two hours away you can escape the heat at Snow Valley Resort.
Get your adrenaline fix with a variety of downhill mountain biking trails
Or take it easy with a scenic chairlift ride up the Snow Valley Express.
With new trails constantly being crafted into the mountain side Hikers, bikers, & adventurers of all kinds will enjoy themselves.

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Snow Valley Summer Trails

While Highway 330 up into San Bernandino National Forest can be fairly busy
Sit back & enjoy the stunning viewpoints along this winding mountain drive.
Once you pull into the parking lot of Snow Valley Mountain Resort
Say goodbye to the crowds & immerse yourself in the views.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff help orient you with the property & set you up with all the gear you need.
Affordable lift tickets will take you, the whole family, & some mountain bikes on a scenic ride.
On the ride up you may see daring bikers launch 30ft jumps & speed into bank turns
Or look over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of Big Bear Lake through the valley.

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At the peak of your lift ride, be welcomed by the 360 degree views & snap a photo for the memory books.
Enjoy the fresh, cool breeze standing about 7000ft over the desert & prepare to adventure.
Buckle up & pick your route to shred down the mountain or begin your hike to the summit.
Mountain biking trails vary in difficulty with some hidden surprises, so take it easy first run

Do as many rides down the mountain as you can handle
But be sure to stop & enjoy the views along the way.

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After experiencing the adventure of Snow Valley Resort, there’s no rush back to the heat of the desert.
Grab a bite to eat & quench your thirst at one of the many local restaurants .
Big Bear Lake boasts attractions for all.

If you time the drive home just right
You may catch an unforgettable sunset.

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