Juice It Up

Live Life Juiced

Everyone has had the moment where your daily tasks feel like they will take all 24 hours of the day.
It comes time to eat lunch and we debate skipping it to get more done…
Or maybe even to stop by a fast food restaurant for a quick bite
And we know our stomach won’t be thanking us for eating that greasy cheeseburger

Juice It Up! recognized that debate
In 1995 they decided to bring a better option to market starting in Orange County, California
With great acceptance from the community of Orange County
They have grown to 76 locations in California and now have locations in 3 other states
Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico

Juice it up specializes in smoothies, juice, and bowls
Made from fresh wholesome natural ingredients
Which provides a healthy and energizing refreshment for your quick lunch stop

Juice It Up 2

Next time you’re in a pinch for time,

You can find Juice It Up! At 2 locations in the Coachella Valley

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