Gourmet Groceries in The Coachella Valley

Bristol Farms is a Southern California Gourmet Grocer
That has brought the freshest food to our communities since 1982
And we are lucky enough to have one right here in Palm Desert


Beyond their fresh produce shown above,
When you walk in Bristol Farms you can immediately tell it is not your normal grocery store
The high-end ambiance shines through in attention to detail with display
And the personality of the employees
I can say from personal experience that the employees are glad to go above and beyond

If you don’t see a product you are looking for
An employee is happy to go check their storage
And in my case, the gentleman brought out what I was looking for

This tells me that they are very organized behind the scenes
And also tells me the employees want to give the customers the best experience possible

As an added gesture of kindness, senior’s get 10% off on Tuesday’s

IMG_1763 - Copy

If you are looking for above and beyond service

Find Bristol Farms for your next grocery trip in Palm Desert


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