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Vinyasa Yin with April Jones

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Vinyasa yoga is the form of yoga that flows with your breath. A lot of fluid movement connected to your inhales and exhales gets the blood flowing. Yin Yoga is essentially the opposite. Long, deep stretches held in stillness. The combo of Vin Yin feels amazing to the body. The best of both worlds…..getting to experience active movement sandwiched between deep stretches.

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April Jones Yoga

Hi Yogi … time to get your Yoga on … let’s relieve any body pain you may have, while reducing stress & anxiety

I’m April, the owner of Yoga Central in La Quinta, CA … and I want to inspire to you to love your body through movement

As a former professional dancer in my first life … I’m naturally a ‘movement junkie’

Now, as an Instructor & Yoga studio owner … I’m here to show you how movement can help you feel even more alive & improve your life!

Click play on my videos & join me as I lead you through easy to follow routines you can do at home


*Contact me with any questions … whether you’re just beginning Yoga or have been practicing, yet want to get deeper into your practice

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